Pink Guava and Mango Bar Sushi

  I never tried sushi until we moved to Hong Kong. Initially, the “raw fish” thing used to put me off, until one day I tried a box of salmon sushi reluctantly. Before trying sushi, I had a mental block that it will smell raw and probably I will throw up if ...Read More

Sunny-Side-Up Pork Chops

    I love juicy pork chops. Once in a fortnight, I do have a serious craving for pork. During my Hong Kong days, I was used to eating pork quite often, as it was available in plenty there and absolutely fresh! When we resettled in Mumbai, we used to frequently eat ...Read More

Tasting the #DeliCommunityMenu at Indigo Deli, Bandra

   Last Monday evening, I was one of the eight FBAI invitees to taste the Deli Community Menu at Indigo Deli, Bandra. When I reached there, the place was abuzz with my blogger friends already! I took no time to settle myself and be a part of the community table, surrounded with ...Read More

Salmon Chowder with an Indian Twist!

  Who doesn’t love a hearty salmon chowder? And I can assure you, with that lndian twist of mine, it brings out the goodness of the chowder even more. This chowder is something that I would call, “Holy delicious!!” I dreamt about this recipe when I was on a vacation to Kerala ...Read More

Sweet Starfruit Tart

    People say, God’s own country is Kerala. I have heard and read about this since years, and I always used to wonder, is it really so beautiful?       But when I reached there, I experienced the bliss myself! With Arabian Sea and a network of rivers, along with ...Read More

Bengali Chicken Cutlets

  These Bengali-style chicken cutlets are one of the most popular Bengali street foods, among a plethora of others. I made these during the Durga Puja festival recently. To those who don’t know about Durga Puja, it is the biggest festival for Bengali Indians, when we worship one of the greatest forms ...Read More

Brie-Stuffed Grilled Salmon

  I am so proud of this Brie-Stuffed Grilled Salmon recipe. It is a fusion recipe and just perfect with that little touch of India in it. On one hand, the recipe has brie cheese, rosemary, balsamic vinegar etc., while on the other, it has the smoky ghee aroma and hints of ...Read More

Shim Diye Macher Jhol (Bengali Fish Broth with Hyacinth Beans)

    I have been making this humble Bengali Macher Jhol for over eight years. It’s so easy because it’s made with a few ingredients and there aren’t a lot of tricks to this recipe. There is one version of this jhol, which uses a mixture of different kinds of vegetables. And ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Gaylord, Churchgate, Mumbai

  Gaylord in Churchgate is not just a restaurant, but a landmark in itself. Born in Mumbai in 1956, it has been serving generations of its patrons since then. It lives upto its moniker with its delightful food and a prized bakery. It is one of the first restaurants in Mumbai which ...Read More

Ilish Macher Dimer Jhuro (Crispy Hilsa Roe Crumble)

    The magic called hilsa or ilish: whenever I cook this Bengali fish, I purposely don’t turn my exhaust fan on. The moment my hilsa or ilish maach touches my wok, my house fills with a delicious aroma of unexplainable uniqueness. While the fish starts to get cooked, I can make ...Read More