Catch of the Bay Seafood Festival, Gaylord, Churchgate

  If you are among our regular readers here, you might recall that long back, we had reviewed Gaylord on Cosmopolitan Currymania. When we received an invite to review the Catch of the Bay Festival, we were curious to know more about how distinctly they play with the flavours of the sea ...Read More

Bong Connection Food Festival, Maya, Trident BKC

    Being a hardcore Bengali who grew up eating all the simple and complex Bengali flavours, an invite for food tasting at the Bong Connection Food Festival at Maya, Trident BKC, was really something that added an extra gleam to my eyes! And when I was informed that the person who ...Read More

Traditional Bengali Delicacies: Kosha Mangsho (Slow-Cooked Bengali-Style Mutton with Spices)

    Happy Durga Puja to all! As a Bengali, I always take pride to talk about the rich culinary heritage of Bengal. Our Bengali dishes are appreciated worldwide for their variety and flavour. Bengali cuisine is refined. We have mouth-watering Bengali street food, and this includes our rustic Phuchka, Jhal Muri ...Read More

Relish the Indonesian Food Festival at Pondicherry Café, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

  Indonesian cuisine is rich in flavours. The variety of Asian spices and herbs used in Indonesian cuisine make the Indonesian dishes colourful, flavourful and very aromatic. Indonesian cuisine is influenced in parts from the cuisines of China, Japan, Middle-East, Europe and of course, India. The Dutch influence is very apparent in ...Read More

Traditional Bengali Recipes: Hing Chorchori

  Chorchori, Chochchori or Charchari is an extremely flexible Bengali vegetarian dish that can be cooked in a jiffy. Chorchori comes handy when you have a little of each vegetable and don’t know what to cook! You just throw-in everything together in a kadhai, with minimal or no addition of water, and ...Read More

Casablanca Sunday Brunch at o:h cha Kitchen & Bar, Lower Parel, Mumbai

  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning again. Here in Mumbai, you will find many foodies who love to brunch out on a Sunday afternoon, rather that cooking an elaborate spread at home. Although I rather like doing the latter, there are times when I just want to enjoy and relax, but good ...Read More

Restaurant Review: North Indian Cuisine at Amaya, Phoenix MarketCity, Kurla

  Being a food writer, I often taste different cuisines, but the flavours that ooze out from our rich Indian heritage, are the flavours that I grew up on. Being an Indian foodie, I believe that I have a good understanding of Indian cuisine. This is the cuisine that motivated me to ...Read More

#KitchenBattles for ADF Soul Foods: Caramelised-Onion-Stuffed Spicy Paneer Balls with Tangy Posto Sauce

  Oh, what an exciting week it was! Recently, I was among the seven selected Indian bloggers who participated in the innovative #KitchenBattles using ADF Soul Foods. Each one of us took this fun challenge to use ADF Soul Foods to create a unique recipe that reflects our taste and cooking style. ...Read More

Chilli Jam Aubergines

    “I never heard of it in my entire life. What on earth is Chilli Jam?” my Maharashtrian cook asked surprisingly, as I passed her a very small amount of my creation. She touched the jam to her tongue with a frown. And that was the end of her frown, actually. ...Read More

The #DimsumAtMarinePlaza Experience at The Oriental Blossom, Marine Plaza, Mumbai

  It was one-of-its-kind experience when my blogger friend Rutavi Mehta invited ten food bloggers in Mumbai for an awesome learning and hands-on experience on how to make dimsums. The ever-smiling Chinese Chef Huang Tesing (and his Sous Chef), at The Oriental Blossom, Marine Plaza, was kind enough to share his expertise ...Read More