My Signature Nolen Gurer Shondesh Ice Cream: the Best Bengali Ice Cream Made in my Kitchen

    I can still feel my wonderful childhood days in bits and pieces. There are triggers that revive childhood memories: food being one of them. My childhood winters were totally enriched with yummy homemade Bengali desserts, including the Gurer Paayesh, Shondesh, Rosogolla, Lobongo Lotika, and of course, the different kinds of ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Bombay Vintage, Colaba

  Replacing the erstwhile Kurry Klub, Bombay Vintage is a brand new restaurant in South Bombay, which serves interesting fusion food and boasts of impeccable vintage décor like no one else in the city. The elements of the décor will surely take you back to the vintage colonial Bombay, and the dim ...Read More

The Ongoing Punjabi Rivaayat Popup at Maya, Trident BKC (till 21st Jan, 2016)

    Rich, robust and bold flavours of Punjab come together as a surprise package when Chef Sweety Singh creates authentic Punjabi dishes at the ongoing Punjabi Rivaayat popup at Maya, Trident BKC. Exploring the tradition of good taste with humble Punjabi food cooked to perfection, is just what you should expect ...Read More

Our Weekend Breakfast at Café Mangii, Powai

Mumbai is waking up to breakfast culture. Now that there are more and more breakfast options to try out, Mumbaikars no longer succumb to the monotony for breakfast. Be it on a weekday or over a weekend, if time permits, many prefer eating out a delicious breakfast, while relaxing and chatting with ...Read More

Kochur Loti aar Chingri Maacher Paturi (Bengali Paturi Dish with Taro Stolons and Prawns)

  I love to cook with exotic Bengali ingredients: one of them being what we call as Kochur Loti in ‪‎Bengali, which is actually young stolons of ‪colocasia (Arbi in Hindi) or taro. Kochur Loti is a delicious vegetable. Bengalis relate to this dish as this brings back the memories of the ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Spending the Year-end with Good Food and Drinks at China Bistro, Worli

  Lured by the urge to discover and re-discover restaurants in Mumbai, I set out to taste the menu of Worli’s China Bistro this time. I was invited by FBAI to partake in an amazing Food Bloggers’ dinner there. It was a group of 12 foodies, seated in a special room equipped ...Read More

#BurrpAtBombayCanteen: Why everyone is talking about Bombay Canteen?

  Bombay Canteen is unique. It has the vibe and charm of Mumbai that was existent decades ago. Much has been talked and written about it across different media. So, why Bombay Canteen this winter? Is it hyped or is it really worth the experience? Bombay Canteen, which set up shop 10 ...Read More

Day in the Life of a Chef at Romano’s, JW Marriott Sahar

  I consider myself among one of the fortunate food bloggers in Mumbai who got a chance to enter and cook in the professional kitchen of Romano’s at JW Marriott, Sahar, and spend almost half a day there. A day well-spent, where Chef Roberto Zorzoli and his team of chefs showed us ...Read More

Catch of the Bay Seafood Festival, Gaylord, Churchgate

  If you are among our regular readers here, you might recall that long back, we had reviewed Gaylord on Cosmopolitan Currymania. When we received an invite to review the Catch of the Bay Festival, we were curious to know more about how distinctly they play with the flavours of the sea ...Read More

Bong Connection Food Festival, Maya, Trident BKC

    Being a hardcore Bengali who grew up eating all the simple and complex Bengali flavours, an invite for food tasting at the Bong Connection Food Festival at Maya, Trident BKC, was really something that added an extra gleam to my eyes! And when I was informed that the person who ...Read More