Shim Diye Macher Jhol (Bengali Fish Broth with Hyacinth Beans)

    I have been making this humble Bengali Macher Jhol for over eight years. It’s so easy because it’s made with a few ingredients and there aren’t a lot of tricks to this recipe. There is one version of this jhol, which uses a mixture of different kinds of vegetables. And ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Gaylord, Churchgate, Mumbai

  Gaylord in Churchgate is not just a restaurant, but a landmark in itself. Born in Mumbai in 1956, it has been serving generations of its patrons since then. It lives upto its moniker with its delightful food and a prized bakery. It is one of the first restaurants in Mumbai which ...Read More

Ilish Macher Dimer Jhuro (Crispy Hilsa Roe Crumble)

    The magic called hilsa or ilish: whenever I cook this Bengali fish, I purposely don’t turn my exhaust fan on. The moment my hilsa or ilish maach touches my wok, my house fills with a delicious aroma of unexplainable uniqueness. While the fish starts to get cooked, I can make ...Read More

Cookbook Review: Sindhi Cuisine by Pushpee Moorjani

  Julia Child once said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” Pushpee Moorjani’s cookbook Sindhi Cuisine also reflects the same vibe. Very traditional Sindhi recipes cooked beautifully, infusing those perfect spice blends to die for. This is the reason, for the past ...Read More

Jashn-e-Kebab Festival at Kangan, The Westin Mumbai Garden City

  This monsoon, it is raining sultry kebabs at The Westin Mumbai Garden City. The Jashn-e-Kebab festival at Kangan, Westin, brings you an assortment of succulent vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs, suiting the season. Executive Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef de Cuisine Shamsher Ahmed have laid down a series of succulent kebabs for ...Read More

Prawns in Green Mango Curry

It is such fun to celebrate the rains with your own kind of comfort food. If you are not having any rain in your place, you can still celebrate the joy of eating good food, isn’t it? In order to enjoy Mumbai rains even better, right now, I can only think of ...Read More

Coffee-Chocolate Ice Cream and #CCDSquareUP event at The Square, CR2 Mall, Nariman Point, Mumbai

      These days, thanks to the rainy season, I am craving for a cup of good coffee often. But, I am not among those who wake up in the morning and desperately need a cup of coffee to start the day. Depending on the weather and my mood, sometimes I ...Read More

Colocasia-Leaf-Wrapped Paneer Rolls

  If you thought that the best ways to cook colocasia leaves the Indian way are the usual alu vadi, pathrode or patra, then probably it’s time to rethink.     Colocasia leaves are cheap and commonly available with every third vegetable vendor here in Mumbai. Yet, all through these years, I ...Read More

Book Review: A Pinch of This, A Handful of That (by Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal)

    Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal is one of the most popular personalities in the Mumbai foodie world. The lady who is one of the first foodies in India to write an Indian food blog (her blog is called A Perfect Bite), also runs APB Cook Studio: a place where food connoisseurs across Mumbai ...Read More

Restaurant Review: O:h Cha – Kitchen & Bar, Mumbai

  This newly opened Thai restaurant has already become the talk of the town. A chic restaurant offering country-style Thai food right here in Mumbai, is all set to make you drool and scream, “o:h cha!” Nestled in Mathuradas Mills Compound in Lower Parel, o:h cha is often visited by dignitaries, corporates ...Read More