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Restaurant Review: The Ongoing Malaysian Food Festival at Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

  Exotic Malay Cuisine is an amalgamation of different Asian food cultures, including a prominent Indian influence. Putting all the right crackling and crunch together, Glasshouse at Hyatt Regency Mumbai, has come up with the Malaysian Food Festival. The festival called Rasa Malaysia is on till tomorrow, the 12th of February 2017. ...Read More

Seven Bizarre Foods from the Streets of Thailand

This blogpost is not for the faint-hearted. While wandering through the streets of Thailand during our recent trip, we came across some foods that might look ugly and unacceptable to one, but might be a delicacy for another! It is just that we are not used to eating these, but does that ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Kanpai Lounge Bar, Bandra

  I was one of the invitees at the pre-launch of Kanpai Lounge Bar, which is Bandra’s newest bar with yum Japanese appetizers. It is located at the Suburbia Mall in Linking Road, Bandra, and is a part of Kofuku, which is considered as one of the popular Japanese restaurants in Mumbai. ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Spending the Year-end with Good Food and Drinks at China Bistro, Worli

  Lured by the urge to discover and re-discover restaurants in Mumbai, I set out to taste the menu of Worli’s China Bistro this time. I was invited by FBAI to partake in an amazing Food Bloggers’ dinner there. It was a group of 12 foodies, seated in a special room equipped ...Read More

Restaurant Review: North Indian Cuisine at Amaya, Phoenix MarketCity, Kurla

  Being a food writer, I often taste different cuisines, but the flavours that ooze out from our rich Indian heritage, are the flavours that I grew up on. Being an Indian foodie, I believe that I have a good understanding of Indian cuisine. This is the cuisine that motivated me to ...Read More

#KitchenBattles for ADF Soul Foods: Caramelised-Onion-Stuffed Spicy Paneer Balls with Tangy Posto Sauce

  Oh, what an exciting week it was! Recently, I was among the seven selected Indian bloggers who participated in the innovative #KitchenBattles using ADF Soul Foods. Each one of us took this fun challenge to use ADF Soul Foods to create a unique recipe that reflects our taste and cooking style. ...Read More

The #DimsumAtMarinePlaza Experience at The Oriental Blossom, Marine Plaza, Mumbai

  It was one-of-its-kind experience when my blogger friend Rutavi Mehta invited ten food bloggers in Mumbai for an awesome learning and hands-on experience on how to make dimsums. The ever-smiling Chinese Chef Huang Tesing (and his Sous Chef), at The Oriental Blossom, Marine Plaza, was kind enough to share his expertise ...Read More

It’s Raining Kulfis at Barbeque Nation!

    This summer, it is time to re-invent the buffet experience at the casual-dining restaurant chain Barbeque Nation. The restaurant has recently introduced a live counter called “Kulfi Nation” as one of its star dessert concepts in the buffet menu, and that too, at no extra cost! Now you can treat your ...Read More

Topa Kuler Achaar (Bengali-Style Sweet-n-Sour Berry Pickle)

    Although luxury restaurants in Kolkata take traditional Bengali food very seriously, upscale restaurants in Kolkata are now digging more into rustic Bengali recipes and are giving them their own spin. The dine-out restaurants in Kolkata are now getting creative, innovating with evergreen Bong delicacies, like Topa Kuler Achaar, Chingri Macher ...Read More

Stir-Fried Veggies with Prawns

  As you know, I love Asian flavours. In Asian cuisine, veggies are often cooked with prawns: be it in India or China. In doing so, the biggest advantage is that you save time, as you don’t have to make one veggie dish and a protein dish separately. Besides, the vegetables and ...Read More