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Godiva Chocolate Brownies

  Growing up in New Delhi, I had a big, sweet tooth. I loved cakes and pastries. There was a bakery near our house (called BSP) that served excellent cakes, pastries, jujubes, etc. At home, my mother used to make a killer pressure-cooker cake with slightly crisp, brown bottom. In addition, we ...Read More

Classic French Madeleines

  I baked these Madeleines for the very first time and these came out just perfect. These tasted and looked delicious! My guests told me that these tasted way better than the store-bought ones.     Well, I baked them out of guilt. There were these Scallop Shell Pans that I bought ...Read More

Parchment-Baked Salmon

  I love Atlantic Salmon for the beautiful pink meat and its oiliness. Among the few seafood ingredients that I love cooking with, Atlantic salmon is my favourite! I have cooked a number of dishes with salmon, apart from salads, sashimi and sushi. Smoked salmon is to die for, and I love ...Read More

Strawberry Sandesh Tart

    Ahem, foodies. Like a real Bengali, I do believe that there is no such thing as “eating too much of sweets.” If you already tasted a Sandesh or two, you probably would know why this sweet is one of the staples in any Bengali home. And I am sure you ...Read More

Sweet Starfruit Tart

    People say, God’s own country is Kerala. I have heard and read about this since years, and I always used to wonder, is it really so beautiful?       But when I reached there, I experienced the bliss myself! With Arabian Sea and a network of rivers, along with ...Read More

Brie-Stuffed Grilled Salmon

  I am so proud of this Brie–Stuffed Grilled Salmon recipe. It is a fusion recipe and just perfect with that little touch of India in it. On one hand, the recipe has brie cheese, rosemary, balsamic vinegar etc., while on the other, it has the smoky ghee aroma and hints of ...Read More

Sausage Tart

  Sausage Tart is the perfect way to celebrate the New Year gorgeously on your breakfast table. And it is the perfect way to start the New Year, with the aroma of freshly baked breakfast made by none other than YOU, percolating every corner of your home! Eating out is of course ...Read More

Bhapa Doi: Festive Indian Recipe #1

    Finally, it is festival time in India! With the Ganpati festival or the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations just about to begin, Indian sweet vendors and homemakers have geared up once again with different kinds of festive sweets, among other delicacies! Starting from Ganesh Puja or Ganpati festival on Monday, which is ...Read More

Dark Chocolate Brownies

  While cleaning the fridge, I stumbled upon a forgotten bar of Valrhona chocolate! It woke up my chocolate tooth instantly. I was anyways craving for something chocolate for the past one week. For a chocolate-lover that I am, how could I forget that a bar of premium chocolate is lying neglected ...Read More

Mini Gluten-Free Crackers

Last week, while experimenting in my kitchen, I made these gum-free, mini gluten-free crackers. My version came out tasting great, so I am feeling very happy and content as I pen down the recipe for today’s post. My day is made when my kitchen experiments become successful! Yes, these random experiments are ...Read More