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Mutton Biryani with Healthy Flax and Watermelon Seeds

  This was my Valentine’s Day recipe for my husband AN: he loves Mutton Biryani and I love to feed him delicious, yet healthy food. My biryani has the added goodness of healthy seeds! There is already so much awareness these days on how healthy flax seeds and watermelon seeds are. Flax ...Read More

Vegetarian Biryani with Stuffed Chillies

This Vegetarian Biryani with Stuffed Chillies is definitely going to be one of the Indian main course dishes for my guests and family, in my Diwali dinner menu. The big chillies used here are of the variety, which are not “hot” at all and can be eaten even by the kids easily. ...Read More

Legacy of the Royal Indian Biryani

[My article on “Legacy of the Royal Indian Biryani” was originally published in the International food magazine called Zomppa (on June 23, 2011). I am grateful to Belinda and the whole team of Zomppa for publishing this article.] When Mongolian conquerors invaded India around 13th century, they did one good thing: they ...Read More