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Bengali Jeebhe Goja Recipe as a Last-Minute Diwali Snack/Sweet

Diwali or the Bengali Kali Puja (Shyama Puja) is finally here! For those who still didn’t make any Diwali sweet at home thinking that it is too late, let me share with you this quick Bengali recipe of Jeebhe Goja, which is an excellent dry snack for your Diwali. It is a sugar-coated ...Read More

Product Review: Chef’s Basket’s Penne Pasta and Burritos

In Mumbai, one of the busiest Indian cities, life is fast and hectic, whether you are working or you are a homemaker. It is common here to work late and come home and compromise on the dinner. Not that you don’t want to eat good food, but sometimes you are just too ...Read More

Poori/Puri/Luchi: Indian Puffed Bread

Poori/Puri/Luchi: Indian Puffed Bread. Poori, puri or luchi are Indian names for puffed deep-fried breads made with whole-wheat atta(flour) or maida (refined flour). This is a very delicate bread and it is soft, yet chewy. If fried in fresh oil and if the dough is kneaded properly, every poori is expected to ...Read More

Mini Cheese Crescent Rolls

The Valentine’s indulgence is now over and I am back to my normal routine. Valentine’s Day was the perfect occasion to shop and eat out, and obviously, on such a special day, your partner can’t say “no” as you proceed to fill up your shopping bag with a few sweet things which ...Read More