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Christmas Recipes Around the World | Lussekatter Rolls or St. Lucia Saffron Buns from Sweden

    Lussekatter means “Lucia’s cats” and the name is probably given because each of the scrolled buns look like a cat’s curled tail! If you are looking for a Christmas breakfast recipe, these Swedish saffron-infused S-shaped sweet buns called Swedish Lussekatter or Lussebullar Rolls are the answer. Baking bread always gives joy. ...Read More

Daal Shukno (An Old-School Bengali Dish Using Leftover Cooked Dal)

Daal Shukno or Dal Shukhono is a simple, yet delicious Bengali dish made with red lentils, which can be served as a first or second course with rice during lunch or dinner. Better still, it can also be served as the only course in a Bengali meal. As a Bengali commoner would ...Read More

Poush Sankranti Recipe: Patishapta (Bengali Sweet Crepes with Filling)

  Cosmopolitan Currymania wishes you all a very Happy Poush Sankranti!   Makar Sankranti or Poush Sankranti is that time of the year for the Bengalis when even the sweet-haters turn optimistic. For a Bengali, food takes centrestage in the Makar Sankranti harvest festival. Bengalis love to spend this time by singing, ...Read More

Restaurant Review: The Big Fat Greek Fest at Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency Mumbai

  “Greek cuisine is all about the freshness of its ingredients. Although the use of spices is minimal, each ingredient sings through the dish. Also, many Greek chefs believe to work with fewer ingredients, so as to concentrate more on the flavours and textures,” said an effervescent Chef Stratos, who came down ...Read More

Restaurant Review: The Seasonal Tastes Sunday Brunch at The Westin Mumbai Garden City

    Ask us about the restaurants in and around Goregaon and Malad where we love to pop by, and we will say that in this area, Westin’s restaurants are among our favourites. We recently reviewed the Kangan a la carte menu and it left us speechless with superb Indian food. This ...Read More

Restaurant Review: The Unapologetically Italian Brunch at Celini, Grand Hyatt Mumbai

  Grand Hyatt Mumbai is known to believe in “living grand”. The recent birthday celebration of their Italian Chef de Cuisine, Chef Alessandro Persico, was an example of the same. His #UnapologeticallyItalian birthday was celebrated at Celini in a grand way indeed, and we at Cosmopolitan Currymania were glad to be a ...Read More

Restaurant Review: A Special Harley Davidson Sunday Brunch at Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency Mumbai

  They say, in America, brunch is the most sacred meal of the day! Last Sunday, we had an opportunity to taste the fabulous Harley Davidson themed American-style brunch at Glasshouse, Hyatt Regency Mumbai. This brunch was in association with Seven Islands Mumbai. The menu emphasised on some of the popular American ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Yumcha Lunch at China House, Grand Hyatt Mumbai

      Recently, I was a part of the Yumcha-Lunch blogger table at China House, Grand Hyatt Mumbai. We were a handful of food bloggers sharing a large table at the tranquil China House. The table was a spectacular sight and a true feast for our social media updates too, as ...Read More

Casablanca Sunday Brunch at o:h cha Kitchen & Bar, Lower Parel, Mumbai

  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning again. Here in Mumbai, you will find many foodies who love to brunch out on a Sunday afternoon, rather that cooking an elaborate spread at home. Although I rather like doing the latter, there are times when I just want to enjoy and relax, but good ...Read More

Review: Amritsari Food Festival by Chef Jyoti Arora at Jyran, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

  In India, 14th April, 2015 is a reason to celebrate. The Sikh festival of Baisakhi falls on 13th April every year. Only once in 36 years, it falls on 14th April, and this year is the year! To add to the festive charm, Chef Jyoti Arora is here in Mumbai to ...Read More