Chinese Cooking Archive

Restaurant Review: Yumcha Lunch at China House, Grand Hyatt Mumbai

      Recently, I was a part of the Yumcha-Lunch blogger table at China House, Grand Hyatt Mumbai. We were a handful of food bloggers sharing a large table at the tranquil China House. The table was a spectacular sight and a true feast for our social media updates too, as ...Read More

Restaurant Review: Spending the Year-end with Good Food and Drinks at China Bistro, Worli

  Lured by the urge to discover and re-discover restaurants in Mumbai, I set out to taste the menu of Worli’s China Bistro this time. I was invited by FBAI to partake in an amazing Food Bloggers’ dinner there. It was a group of 12 foodies, seated in a special room equipped ...Read More

The #DimsumAtMarinePlaza Experience at The Oriental Blossom, Marine Plaza, Mumbai

  It was one-of-its-kind experience when my blogger friend Rutavi Mehta invited ten food bloggers in Mumbai for an awesome learning and hands-on experience on how to make dimsums. The ever-smiling Chinese Chef Huang Tesing (and his Sous Chef), at The Oriental Blossom, Marine Plaza, was kind enough to share his expertise ...Read More

Stir-Fried Veggies with Prawns

  As you know, I love Asian flavours. In Asian cuisine, veggies are often cooked with prawns: be it in India or China. In doing so, the biggest advantage is that you save time, as you don’t have to make one veggie dish and a protein dish separately. Besides, the vegetables and ...Read More

Indonesian Sambal Fish Balls with Vegetables

  When my talented foodie friend Elson Sequiera (who writes an interesting blog, called Tummy Tales) asked me to write a guest post on Asian Cuisine, Indonesian Sambal Fish Balls with Vegetables was the first recipe which came to my mind. Once you master the art of making Asian fish balls at home, you ...Read More

Steamed Tofu in Dried Shrimp Sauce

I have one confession to make. Being an Indian, I had always preferred paneer (Indian cottage cheese), rather than experimenting with tofu in my cooking. When I came to Hong Kong around 1.5 years back, I was so surprised to see the local markets full of so many kinds of tofu, but ...Read More