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Christmas Recipes Around the World | Melomakarona or Greek Honey Cookies

  Melomakarona: a dish that is so popular in one part of the world is completely unknown to another! This old-school Christmas treat called Melomakarona is very popular in Greece and almost every traditional Greek household makes it. The word Melomakarona, having its etymological roots in ancient Greece, is a conjunction of ...Read More

Classic French Madeleines

  I baked these Madeleines for the very first time and these came out just perfect. These tasted and looked delicious! My guests told me that these tasted way better than the store-bought ones.     Well, I baked them out of guilt. There were these Scallop Shell Pans that I bought ...Read More

Mini Gluten-Free Crackers

Last week, while experimenting in my kitchen, I made these gum-free, mini gluten-free crackers. My version came out tasting great, so I am feeling very happy and content as I pen down the recipe for today’s post. My day is made when my kitchen experiments become successful! Yes, these random experiments are ...Read More

Fruit-Raisin Icebox Cookies

Fruit-Raisin Icebox Cookies My kids Aditya and Ayontika wanted to take cookies for the whole class in their school. Although this week was super-busy, still I did not want to turn down my little ones’ requests. I wanted to do something simple and yummy. So I chose this recipe. I replaced some ...Read More