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Salmon Chowder with an Indian Twist!

  Who doesn’t love a hearty salmon chowder? And I can assure you, with that lndian twist of mine, it brings out the goodness of the chowder even more. This chowder is something that I would call, “Holy delicious!!” I dreamt about this recipe when I was on a vacation to Kerala ...Read More

Sweet Starfruit Tart

    People say, God’s own country is Kerala. I have heard and read about this since years, and I always used to wonder, is it really so beautiful?       But when I reached there, I experienced the bliss myself! With Arabian Sea and a network of rivers, along with ...Read More

Prawns in Green Mango Curry

It is such fun to celebrate the rains with your own kind of comfort food. If you are not having any rain in your place, you can still celebrate the joy of eating good food, isn’t it? In order to enjoy Mumbai rains even better, right now, I can only think of ...Read More

Beetroot Yogurt Curry

  I was never fond of beetroots, until one day, I tasted them in my college mate’s lunch box and loved them since then. It was a simple beetroot salad: beetroots steamed and then marinated in vinegar. But there was beauty in the simplicity of that dish, which made me a fan ...Read More

Coffee Cointreau Chicken

  January is the month to celebrate newness. It is the time for new beginnings. I am celebrating January my way. My January resolution is to create dishes with my own twist, and things which I never tried before. Well, I was thinking to cook with coffee in a savoury way for ...Read More

Indonesian Sambal Mutton Curry

Ever since I returned from a trip to Bali, Indonesia, I have been making this addictive Indonesian Sambal Mutton Curry for quite some time now, which is a version of the Indonesian goat curry or kari kambing. In addition to tasting awesome Indonesian cuisine there, I also brought along jars of sambal ...Read More

Mini Gluten-Free Crackers

Last week, while experimenting in my kitchen, I made these gum-free, mini gluten-free crackers. My version came out tasting great, so I am feeling very happy and content as I pen down the recipe for today’s post. My day is made when my kitchen experiments become successful! Yes, these random experiments are ...Read More

Light Indian Mutton/Lamb Stew

Light Indian mutton/lamb stew We are just back from Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, India. This was our first trip outside Mumbai, after relocating from Hong Kong a few months back. I must say, this was a much-awaited break and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of being so close to nature. The weather ...Read More

Stuffed Aubergines in Tangy Tamarind Gravy

Stuffed aubergines in tangy tamarind gravy I am so thrilled to tell you about some more awards I received from my bloggy friends recently! The first one came from the beautiful Sabrina who has a great blog called LouLou Sucre and she honoured Cosmopolitan Currymania with The Versatile Blogger award! Although this ...Read More

Chicken Curry with Peas and an Award!

Curry leaves are a celebrity ingredient in India. These are not only extensively used in South-Indian cuisine, but are increasingly getting more and more popular in not only other Indian states, but in other parts of the world. Even in Western India, such as Mumbai, one can always spot a good amount ...Read More