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Ilish Macher Dimer Jhuro (Crispy Hilsa Roe Crumble)

    The magic called hilsa or ilish: whenever I cook this Bengali fish, I purposely don’t turn my exhaust fan on. The moment my hilsa or ilish maach touches my wok, my house fills with a delicious aroma of unexplainable uniqueness. While the fish starts to get cooked, I can make ...Read More

Flavoured Sponge Cake

Till today, I tried a number of sponge-cake recipes from different sources. I have now settled to this flavoured sponge-cake recipe, which gives me a soft, fluffy sponge cake each time I make it. This has a light pink hue at its base and tastes just right. I added strawberry syrup and ...Read More

Japanese Omurice with Chicken Teriyaki

Japanese Omurice with Chicken Teriyaki. My kids love the dynamic presentation of Japanese Omuraisu or Omurice (rice covered with omuretsu or omlette, and ketchup drizzled over it) with Grilled Chicken Teriyaki and shallow-fried or grilled vegetables. While in Hong Kong, we had omurice umpteen number of times in Food Republic (Tung Chung). ...Read More

Baked Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables

Once in a month, I love to make Baked Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables for my family. As it is a complete meal in itself, I make just this healthy pasta for the dinner and I am done! This creamy, baked pasta recipe has all the magical ingredients to make it one ...Read More

Stove-Top Asparagus Frittata

My family loves eggs. So I often search for and experiment with different kinds of egg preparations. This is the frittata which I made this Sunday and it was truly delicious! This is the first time I have made frittata myself, although I had tasted a different version of frittata in my ...Read More

Dimer Dalna (An Indian Egg Curry)

Dimer dalna: an Indian egg curry (from West Bengal) Dimer Dalna, or the Bengali egg curry which is often called dimer jhol, is a dish for which I can never refuse to eat! This East-Indian Dimer dalna is an “egg-celent” dish and visually appealing too! Worthwhile to say here is that soft-cooked ...Read More