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Kuttu Burfi or Singhara Burfi: Festive Indian Recipe #4

  Kuttu Burfi or Singhara Burfi is a gluten-free Indian festive fudge recipe which is totally vegetarian, uses a few ingredients and is really easy to make! There are some Indian dishes which are cooked only during vrat (or fasting) during these festive days of Navratras. These vrat recipes can be sweet ...Read More

Shondesh (Sandesh): Festive Indian Recipe #3

  Shondesh (sandesh) is one of the most authentic, mouth-watering and popular Bengali sweets. This shondesh recipe yields such soft and luxurious shondesh that even your favourite moira’s (sweet-seller’s) shondesh would taste average and I bet so! My shondesh is made from a well-kneaded dough of rich khoya and snow-soft chenna (un-pressed ...Read More

Dark Chocolate Brownies

  While cleaning the fridge, I stumbled upon a forgotten bar of Valrhona chocolate! It woke up my chocolate tooth instantly. I was anyways craving for something chocolate for the past one week. For a chocolate-lover that I am, how could I forget that a bar of premium chocolate is lying neglected ...Read More

Dulce de Leche Fudge

Now that I already have a few cans of thick, chocolate-brown homemade Dulce de Leche resting inside my fridge, I am all set to explore other possibilities with this wonderful dessert ingredient. As I already told you all in my previous post, I made these really easy and delicious dulce de leche ...Read More