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Murgh Dum Pukht (Simmered Indian Chicken Curry)

Murgh Dum Pukht (Simmered Indian Chicken Curry)[Murgh Dum Pukht (Simmered Indian Chicken Curry) was originally published in Zomppa. This article was my May 2012 contribution to the International magazine.] There is an old Indian saying that a good cook uses his spices similar to how a painter uses his colour palette. A ...Read More

Spicy Strawberry-Citrus Chutney: An Indo-Western Fusion

You might have heard of strawberry jam, but not much of citrusy strawberry chutney, isn’t it? Even I hadn’t, until I determined to make my own strawberry chutney. Strawberries are sweet and sour and so, I think, they qualify quite well for chutney (rule of thumb: fruits with a sour note make ...Read More

Green Mango Pickle with Indian Five Spices

Hello friends! I am back in Hong Kong, refreshed and rejuvenated after a two-week trip to India. We went to Mysore, along with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s family. Mysore is an incredible place and no one can stop admiring the intricate craftsmanship of the Mysore palace, Chamundi temple and Tipu Sultan’s summer ...Read More

Vegan Cheese dukbokki (Korean Rice Cakes with Vegan Cheese)

Vegan cheese dukbokki (Korean rice cakes with vegan cheese)[This recipe is at number 1 position among Foodbuzz Top 9 today (15th March, 2012). Thank you foodies and a big thanks to the Foodbuzz Editorial Team once again!] Yes, I know. You must be thinking how can cheese be vegan? That’s what I ...Read More

Korean Kimchi: A Superb Health Food

Korean kimchi: A superb health food [This article was originally published in Zomppa, the International food magazine.] Korean food is amazing and Korean Kimchi epitomises it! Based at Hong Kong, I have eaten Korean food quite a number of times and every time I order a Korean main course, I get to ...Read More

Cabbage Koftas: Indian Vegetarian Party Dish!

Indian cabbage kofta Cabbage koftas are a classic vegetarian alternative to Koftas or Indian meatballs. These vegetarian meatballs are very popular in India and are often a part of the wedding menu. Indian koftas are influenced more by the middle-Eastern koftas. If you haven’t tried Indian vegetarian koftas yet, you are missing ...Read More

Thai Green Curry with Roasted Duck

[This article was originally published in Zomppa, an International food magazine.] Thai cuisine uses a variety of curry pastes, such as the red, yellow and the green ones. Every paste tastes unique. I love Thai Green curry a lot and it is among the best non-Indian curries I have ever tasted. In ...Read More

Kelp-Mushroom Stir-Fry with Shichimi Togarashi

[Thank you, dear readers, for voting this recipe to number 1 position on Foodbuzz today (February 3). This fusion recipe is an effective home remedy for people suffering from hypothyroidism or those who are iodine-deficient. Read on to find out how it can improve your family’s health in a number of ways.] ...Read More

Parsi Mewa no Pulav: The Most Delicious Vegetarian Pilaf I Have Ever Had!

[This recipe is now on Foodbuzz “Top 9” list. Friends, thank you all for buzzing it up to this rank. Thanks for stopping by and motivating me!] Parsi mewa no pulav About 1,300 years ago, the Zoroastrians from Iran settled in Gujarat, India. The descendants of this community are known as the ...Read More

Thai Lemongrass Tea

Thai lemongrass tea: calming and having numerous health benefits What’s so special about Thai lemongrass? The aroma of freshly crushed lemongrass and its lemony taste, minus the sourness of a lemon, drive even a non-Thai like me crazy over this wonderful ingredient! Everything is so appetising about lemongrass! Lemongrass calms the mind ...Read More