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Niramish Mochar Ghonto (A Bengali Vegetarian Dish with Banana Blossoms)

  Mochar Ghonto or মোচার ঘন্ট is a Bengali vegetarian dish with banana blossoms. It is an age-old traditional Indian recipe. The word “Mocha” does not relate to coffee in Bengali. Rather, it is the blossom of banana, which grows in plenty all over West Bengal. The best-tasting banana flowers are from ...Read More

Shojne Phooler Bati Chocchori (Bengali-Style Drumstick Flower Curry)

  In a traditional Bengali household, Shojne Phool is one of those edible flowers that is usually eaten during the winters. Shojne Phool or the drumstick blossoms are the flowers of the Moringa tree. It is popular in Bengali Cuisine not only because of its flavour and texture, but because of its ...Read More

Gluten-Free Naan: thinking beyond wheat…

This naan is gluten-free, soy-free, gum-free and nut-free. This is at #1 position on Foodbuzz Top 9 today (26thMay, 2012). Thanks, Foodbuzz friends, for buzzing. Recently, I wrote on my official Facebook page that I was going to make some Indian naan breads this week. I got a reply from one of ...Read More

Kelp-Mushroom Stir-Fry with Shichimi Togarashi

[Thank you, dear readers, for voting this recipe to number 1 position on Foodbuzz today (February 3). This fusion recipe is an effective home remedy for people suffering from hypothyroidism or those who are iodine-deficient. Read on to find out how it can improve your family’s health in a number of ways.] ...Read More