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Japanese Omurice with Chicken Teriyaki

Japanese Omurice with Chicken Teriyaki. My kids love the dynamic presentation of Japanese Omuraisu or Omurice (rice covered with omuretsu or omlette, and ketchup drizzled over it) with Grilled Chicken Teriyaki and shallow-fried or grilled vegetables. While in Hong Kong, we had omurice umpteen number of times in Food Republic (Tung Chung). ...Read More

Steamed Tofu in Dried Shrimp Sauce

I have one confession to make. Being an Indian, I had always preferred paneer (Indian cottage cheese), rather than experimenting with tofu in my cooking. When I came to Hong Kong around 1.5 years back, I was so surprised to see the local markets full of so many kinds of tofu, but ...Read More

Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork Ramen in Soup)

I am excited to share this because this is one of my favourite Japanese dishes that I have had umpteen number times in different Japanese restaurants here in Hong Kong. This dish is one of my comfort foods too. AN and the kids love this as well! So last Friday, I made ...Read More

Easy Ginseng Breakfast Congee

Easy ginseng breakfast congee Cosmopolitan Currymania is so humbled to receive samples of Ontario Ginseng from the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association (OGGA), Canada, which works collaboratively with the Canadian Government partners including Canada Brand and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). This Ontario ginseng is the original North American ginseng having a unique ...Read More

Canadian Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes in Hong Kong!

Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes in Hong Kong Hong Kong Jockey Club at Happy Valley, Hong Kong, was quite a happening place last week. This was because Montreal-based celebrity chef Chuck Hughes was here to mesmerise his guests, including the media, with his exceptional culinary talent. He played host to an exclusive dining ...Read More

Korean Kimchi: A Superb Health Food

Korean kimchi: A superb health food [This article was originally published in Zomppa, the International food magazine.] Korean food is amazing and Korean Kimchi epitomises it! Based at Hong Kong, I have eaten Korean food quite a number of times and every time I order a Korean main course, I get to ...Read More

Kelp-Mushroom Stir-Fry with Shichimi Togarashi

[Thank you, dear readers, for voting this recipe to number 1 position on Foodbuzz today (February 3). This fusion recipe is an effective home remedy for people suffering from hypothyroidism or those who are iodine-deficient. Read on to find out how it can improve your family’s health in a number of ways.] ...Read More

Chinese New Year Vegetarian Dumplings

[Readers, thanks for voting my recipe up to number 1 position on Foodbuzz Top 9 today (26 January). You are the best!] Hi friends! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Juk lei sun tai king hong! (Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you good health!) Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals ...Read More

Eating Fishballs in Hong Kong

[This article was originally published in the International food magazine Zomppa before appearing in Cosmopolitan Currymania.] Each passing day, I am learning more and more about the food culture in Hong Kong. Since I am learning basic Cantonese now, I can communicate more comfortably with the local fish mongers in the seafood ...Read More

Seven Daring Foods in Hong Kong

[This article was originally published in the international food magazine Zomppa.] I think, labelling a certain foodstuff as “weird” or “strange” is not quite justified since something weird for someone is a delicacy for the other! The Chinese in Hong Kong value protein-rich food very much. So they make the best use ...Read More