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Multigrain Ravioli with Smoked Turkey Ham and Burnt Butter Sauce

  If you know how to roll out a dough into a thin sheet, then you don’t really need a Ravioli Machine or Pasta Maker to make these beauties. This recipe is our latest family favourite. The best thing about my Multigrain Ravioli with Smoked Turkey Ham and Burnt Butter Sauce is ...Read More

#KitchenBattles for ADF Soul Foods: Caramelised-Onion-Stuffed Spicy Paneer Balls with Tangy Posto Sauce

  Oh, what an exciting week it was! Recently, I was among the seven selected Indian bloggers who participated in the innovative #KitchenBattles using ADF Soul Foods. Each one of us took this fun challenge to use ADF Soul Foods to create a unique recipe that reflects our taste and cooking style. ...Read More

Coffee-Chocolate Ice Cream and #CCDSquareUP event at The Square, CR2 Mall, Nariman Point, Mumbai

      These days, thanks to the rainy season, I am craving for a cup of good coffee often. But, I am not among those who wake up in the morning and desperately need a cup of coffee to start the day. Depending on the weather and my mood, sometimes I ...Read More

Book Review: A Pinch of This, A Handful of That (by Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal)

    Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal is one of the most popular personalities in the Mumbai foodie world. The lady who is one of the first foodies in India to write an Indian food blog (her blog is called A Perfect Bite), also runs APB Cook Studio: a place where food connoisseurs across Mumbai ...Read More

Mutton Biryani with Healthy Flax and Watermelon Seeds

  This was my Valentine’s Day recipe for my husband AN: he loves Mutton Biryani and I love to feed him delicious, yet healthy food. My biryani has the added goodness of healthy seeds! There is already so much awareness these days on how healthy flax seeds and watermelon seeds are. Flax ...Read More

Sweet Potato Chaat with Mulberry-Chocolate Dressing

  This North-Indian street food is a star during the winters. Warm sweet potato (shakarkandi) chaat with tangy masala dressing in almost every nook and corner of Delhi is a common scene till today. What is not common is this makeover dressing of tart mulberries with bitter chocolate and Japanese pungent wasabi, ...Read More

Miso Butter Prawns with Japanese Pea-Corn Fritters

Recently, Team West Coast sent me a box of different kinds of frozen foods (under the brand names Frish, Kavan’s and Cambay Tiger) for product review. In this post, I chose some of their wonderful products for my recipe. We tasted each one of the products individually and loved the Potato Windows by ...Read More

Tea-Tasting Party at Café Zoe, Mumbai

  Have you ever been a part of a tea-tasting party? It is such a great experience and fun. Give wine-tasting parties a break and next time, throw a tea-tasting or a tea-pairing party for a change!     On October 8, Café Zoe at Lower Parel, Mumbai, was abuzz with food-bloggers, ...Read More

Product Review: Chef’s Basket’s Penne Pasta and Burritos

In Mumbai, one of the busiest Indian cities, life is fast and hectic, whether you are working or you are a homemaker. It is common here to work late and come home and compromise on the dinner. Not that you don’t want to eat good food, but sometimes you are just too ...Read More

Diabetes-Friendly, Blueberry-Lemon Frozen Yogurt Kulfi with NuStevia

  This diabetes-friendly, Blueberry-Lemon Frozen Yogurt Kulfi is a sugar-free, healthy recipe, made using Stevia extract! This frozen yogurt kulfi tastes delicious and is a breeze to make. NuNaturals, Oregon, was kind enough to send me a variety of their amazing, gluten-free and 100% natural Stevia and Tagatose products for review and ...Read More