Indian Drinks Archive

Tea-Tasting Party at Café Zoe, Mumbai

  Have you ever been a part of a tea-tasting party? It is such a great experience and fun. Give wine-tasting parties a break and next time, throw a tea-tasting or a tea-pairing party for a change!     On October 8, Café Zoe at Lower Parel, Mumbai, was abuzz with food-bloggers, ...Read More

Thandai: An Indian festive drink

Thandai Tommorrow is Holi, the festival of colours! Indian festivals like Holi and Shivratri are incomplete without this refreshing beverage called Thandai, which is extremely popular in North and Central India. The thandai drink is a beautiful combination of various kinds of nuts, saffron (called kesar or zaffran), milk, rose, a hint ...Read More

Incredible Spices of India and Guest Post in Zomppa

[I am pleased to tell you all that this article has been originally published in Zomppa, the International food magazine. I sincerely thank Patricia Hines and Belinda for publishing my article in the esteemed magazine.] A spread of Indian whole spices Discovering Indian cuisine is a gastronomical journey through the “spice route”! ...Read More