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Yakiudon with Shrimps and Vegetables

  Among the Japanese noodles varieties, I have special affinity towards ramen, soba and udon. My Yakiudon recipe with Shrimps and Vegetables is comfort food for me and it is light! So I consider it often for my family, as it is flavourful and healthy. I used to make yakisoba (Japanese stir-fried ...Read More

Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen (Pork Ramen in Soup)

I am excited to share this because this is one of my favourite Japanese dishes that I have had umpteen number times in different Japanese restaurants here in Hong Kong. This dish is one of my comfort foods too. AN and the kids love this as well! So last Friday, I made ...Read More

Eating Fishballs in Hong Kong

[This article was originally published in the International food magazine Zomppa before appearing in Cosmopolitan Currymania.] Each passing day, I am learning more and more about the food culture in Hong Kong. Since I am learning basic Cantonese now, I can communicate more comfortably with the local fish mongers in the seafood ...Read More

Seafood Vermicelli and Guest Post in Zomppa

Today marks a special day for me since my first guest post on “Legacy of the Royal Indian Biryani” is published in the International food magazine Zomppa. My heartfelt thanks to Belinda of Zomppa for giving me this opportunity and also for motivating me through her beautiful comments on my posts! So ...Read More

Enoki Mushroom-Egg Noodles and Shallow-Fried Vegetables with Chicken

I simply love Hong Kong. The weather now is just perfect—chilling winter is gone and the summer has arrived. You can see colourful flowers everywhere and people in smart summer clothes! This is the time to chill out at all those beautiful beaches like Shek-O and enjoy summer sunshine to its fullest. ...Read More