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Product Review: Chef’s Basket’s Penne Pasta and Burritos

In Mumbai, one of the busiest Indian cities, life is fast and hectic, whether you are working or you are a homemaker. It is common here to work late and come home and compromise on the dinner. Not that you don’t want to eat good food, but sometimes you are just too ...Read More

Stuffed Jumbo Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce

Right now, I am very excited and counting days! A few weeks back, I received an invitation on behalf of American Express and the Asian Food Channel to meet Canadian celebrity chef Chuck Hughes! He will visit Hong Kong very soon for the third edition of the Celebrity Chef Series. Chef Hughes ...Read More

Ultimate Pasta Brunch and Being Listed Under "Top Expats and Hong Kong Blogs"!

Ultimate pasta brunch PERFECTION. That’s what I am thriving for… searching for… and want to achieve in my work. The process is still on and every day marks a new beginning for me to achieve this in some way or the other: even in simple day-to-day activities. Be it teaching my four-year-old ...Read More