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Happy Poush Sankranti with Dudh Chitoi Pithe (A Makar Sankranti Bengali Sweet)

  Happy Poush Sankranti or Makar Sankranti to all my readers. These festivals are good excuses to relive a bit of our childhood days. For example, Poush Sankranti reminds me of my mother’s excellent Pithe-Puli-Payesh-making skills and how lovingly she used to feed us. Those flavours linger in my mind even now. ...Read More

Poush Sankranti Recipe: Patishapta (Bengali Sweet Crepes with Filling)

  Cosmopolitan Currymania wishes you all a very Happy Poush Sankranti!   Makar Sankranti or Poush Sankranti is that time of the year for the Bengalis when even the sweet-haters turn optimistic. For a Bengali, food takes centrestage in the Makar Sankranti harvest festival. Bengalis love to spend this time by singing, ...Read More

Pink Guava and Mango Bar Sushi

  I never tried sushi until we moved to Hong Kong. Initially, the “raw fish” thing used to put me off, until one day I tried a box of salmon sushi reluctantly. Before trying sushi, I had a mental block that it will smell raw and probably I will throw up if ...Read More

Mutton Biryani with Healthy Flax and Watermelon Seeds

  This was my Valentine’s Day recipe for my husband AN: he loves Mutton Biryani and I love to feed him delicious, yet healthy food. My biryani has the added goodness of healthy seeds! There is already so much awareness these days on how healthy flax seeds and watermelon seeds are. Flax ...Read More

Vegetarian Biryani with Stuffed Chillies

This Vegetarian Biryani with Stuffed Chillies is definitely going to be one of the Indian main course dishes for my guests and family, in my Diwali dinner menu. The big chillies used here are of the variety, which are not “hot” at all and can be eaten even by the kids easily. ...Read More


Call it the Bengali khichuri or the Hindi khichri (pronounced as khichree), it equals to the humble Indian one-pot meal and comfort food, which is a preparation made with rice and lentils cooked together, with other optional ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, mutton or even seafood. There are many ways to prepare ...Read More

Easy Ginseng Breakfast Congee

Easy ginseng breakfast congee Cosmopolitan Currymania is so humbled to receive samples of Ontario Ginseng from the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association (OGGA), Canada, which works collaboratively with the Canadian Government partners including Canada Brand and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). This Ontario ginseng is the original North American ginseng having a unique ...Read More

Vegan Cheese dukbokki (Korean Rice Cakes with Vegan Cheese)

Vegan cheese dukbokki (Korean rice cakes with vegan cheese)[This recipe is at number 1 position among Foodbuzz Top 9 today (15th March, 2012). Thank you foodies and a big thanks to the Foodbuzz Editorial Team once again!] Yes, I know. You must be thinking how can cheese be vegan? That’s what I ...Read More

Korean Kimchi: A Superb Health Food

Korean kimchi: A superb health food [This article was originally published in Zomppa, the International food magazine.] Korean food is amazing and Korean Kimchi epitomises it! Based at Hong Kong, I have eaten Korean food quite a number of times and every time I order a Korean main course, I get to ...Read More

Parsi Mewa no Pulav: The Most Delicious Vegetarian Pilaf I Have Ever Had!

[This recipe is now on Foodbuzz “Top 9” list. Friends, thank you all for buzzing it up to this rank. Thanks for stopping by and motivating me!] Parsi mewa no pulav About 1,300 years ago, the Zoroastrians from Iran settled in Gujarat, India. The descendants of this community are known as the ...Read More