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#KitchenBattles for ADF Soul Foods: Caramelised-Onion-Stuffed Spicy Paneer Balls with Tangy Posto Sauce

  Oh, what an exciting week it was! Recently, I was among the seven selected Indian bloggers who participated in the innovative #KitchenBattles using ADF Soul Foods. Each one of us took this fun challenge to use ADF Soul Foods to create a unique recipe that reflects our taste and cooking style. ...Read More

Chyavanprash-Infused Kala Jamun and Black Sesame Ice Cream

    Black is in! I am not taking about fashion, but food. This bizarre culinary trend has sparked conversation among foodies, made headlines in the newspapers and prompted food-lovers to share their pics on social media too. While some might find black food as weird, others do find the “new-gen” concept ...Read More

Brie-Stuffed Grilled Salmon

  I am so proud of this Brie–Stuffed Grilled Salmon recipe. It is a fusion recipe and just perfect with that little touch of India in it. On one hand, the recipe has brie cheese, rosemary, balsamic vinegar etc., while on the other, it has the smoky ghee aroma and hints of ...Read More

Colocasia-Leaf-Wrapped Paneer Rolls

  If you thought that the best ways to cook colocasia leaves the Indian way are the usual alu vadi, pathrode or patra, then probably it’s time to rethink.     Colocasia leaves are cheap and commonly available with every third vegetable vendor here in Mumbai. Yet, all through these years, I ...Read More

Shondesh (Sandesh): Festive Indian Recipe #3

  Shondesh (sandesh) is one of the most authentic, mouth-watering and popular Bengali sweets. This shondesh recipe yields such soft and luxurious shondesh that even your favourite moira’s (sweet-seller’s) shondesh would taste average and I bet so! My shondesh is made from a well-kneaded dough of rich khoya and snow-soft chenna (un-pressed ...Read More

Vegetarian Breakfast Hand Pies with Mildly Sweet Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Filling

Vegetarian breakfast hand pies with mildly sweet cottage cheese (paneer) filling Sundays are the days when I am in full spirit to experiment and to give in to the urge to bake! So last weekend morning, I baked these cute little heart-shaped, mildly sweet hand pies for breakfast. These hand pies have ...Read More

Mini Cheese Crescent Rolls

The Valentine’s indulgence is now over and I am back to my normal routine. Valentine’s Day was the perfect occasion to shop and eat out, and obviously, on such a special day, your partner can’t say “no” as you proceed to fill up your shopping bag with a few sweet things which ...Read More

Grilled Tofu with Toasted Peanut Chutney

These days, I am experimenting quite a bit with tofu. Frankly, I was not much of a tofu person until I lived in Hong Kong. It was there where I had seen how the localites would shop for fresh tofu every day (and it is very cheap) and make mouth-watering delicacies out ...Read More

Tomato-Paneer Curry (Without Onion and Garlic)

Tomato-paneer curry without onion and garlic A very happy new year to all my readers! Hope the year brings you good luck, good health and good taste. I am sorry for keeping you waiting for this post. Let me tell you all that we have shifted our base from Hong Kong to ...Read More

Steamed Tofu in Dried Shrimp Sauce

I have one confession to make. Being an Indian, I had always preferred paneer (Indian cottage cheese), rather than experimenting with tofu in my cooking. When I came to Hong Kong around 1.5 years back, I was so surprised to see the local markets full of so many kinds of tofu, but ...Read More