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Exploring Unknown Flavours in Spain

  In the Basque Country, on our way back from an unbelievable trek to the magnificent Flysch Cliffs in Zumaia, Spain, we made a stopover at the historical seaside town of Getaria, not because it has prominent Michelin-Star restaurants, but for the sake of history. We walked past the Michelin-starred Elkano and ...Read More

Our Austria Itinerary #3: Hallstatt and Salzkammergut (Lake District)

    Undoubtedly, Hallstatt in Upper Austria’s Salzkammergut district is one of our favourite places on Earth. This was one of the highlights of our holiday in Austria. The quintessentially Austrian BC village of Hallstatt is truly enchanting. Even now, I often keep dreaming of Hallstatt, which seems to me as a ...Read More

Our Austrian Itinerary #2: Exploring the Wachau Valley through Danube River Cruise  

    So you are in Vienna and have seen almost all the tourist attractions there. What next? You must see the Wachau Valley, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. No wonder, the Wachau Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria. For those who just ...Read More

Our Austrian Itinerary #1: Naschmarkt in Vienna

    I have to say that this European holiday was even better than the last one. This time we covered Austria in detail, and also a small part of Germany and Italy. As many of our friends and relatives on social media have been asking for our itinerary for the Austria ...Read More