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Restaurant Review: A Bar Called Life, Juhu

    Innovative cocktails and modern Indian cuisine make A Bar Called Life in Juhu a winning place to spend your evening. The menu is well-planned and moderately priced. Recently, we were invited to review A Bar Called Life, where we raptly enjoyed our meal and fun cocktails that had an element ...Read More

Catch of the Bay Seafood Festival, Gaylord, Churchgate

  If you are among our regular readers here, you might recall that long back, we had reviewed Gaylord on Cosmopolitan Currymania. When we received an invite to review the Catch of the Bay Festival, we were curious to know more about how distinctly they play with the flavours of the sea ...Read More

Ilish Begun (Light Bengali Hilsa Curry with Brinjal)

  If you want to try authentic food in Kolkata, you must definitely try fish dishes. That said, Ilish (Hilsa) dishes are one of the most sought-after dishes. Bengali restaurants in Kolkata often experiment a lot with Ilish dishes. Apart from the rustic Shorshe Ilish, Ilish Paturi, Bhapa Ilish, Aam Ilish or ...Read More

Sweet Starfruit Tart

    People say, God’s own country is Kerala. I have heard and read about this since years, and I always used to wonder, is it really so beautiful?       But when I reached there, I experienced the bliss myself! With Arabian Sea and a network of rivers, along with ...Read More

IFBA 2013 Awards: Honoring Indian food bloggers for the first time in India!

  The food-blogging scene is changing in India. There was a time, when people used to give a blank look at the mention of food-blogging. Now there is much awareness on food-blogging and as an implication of this, even the non-food-blogging community in India has started taking food-blogging seriously and they have ...Read More

Cosmopolitan Currymania has a New Address!

Hi Readers, Cosmopolitan Currymania has come up a long way, with all your support, encouragement and appreciation. I really thank you all for that! We are glad to announce that we will be shifting to our own website very soon, and the new website will continue to bring a lot more new ...Read More