Grilled Green Mango Popsicle


Sometimes, simple things are so much better. A plain white dress, simple make-up or just a sweet smile… There is something so exclusive about simplicity. Look at the kids playing in the park, a bunch of newborn kittens rolling around, chirping of the birds, dewdrops on the grass, a much-awaited drizzle or licking a stick of popsicle on a hot summer afternoon!

grilled raw mango by Purabi Naha

There is a burst of flavours under this black skin. Grilled raw mango is used to make a popular Indian drink called aam panna.

I loved the gleam in the eyes of my little ones when I was making these popsicles. My three-year-old daughter Ayontika pulled the dining chair to the kitchen and stood up on it to watch the whole episode with amusement. And my four-year-old son Aditya struck a deal with me that he won’t be naughty for the whole day if I allow him to put sugar and marmalade into the blender.

These popsicles are my kids’ favourite. The sweet-n-sour taste adds a “fun” element to these pops. There is a balance between sweet and sour because both raw as well as ripe mangoes have been used. Grilled raw mangoes definitely add a great amount of flavour and these make up a refreshing Indian drink called aam panna. My popsicles are inspired from this all-time-popular Indian drink. A hint of orange marmalade and ginger makes the amalgamation a fun experience to your tastebuds. If you are bored of licking a dozen of sweet popsicles and don’t crave for popsicles of any kind anymore, you must definitely try these and get back to me after that.


Grilled Green Mango Popsicle

Grilled Green Mango Popsicle

  • Small green mangoes: 2
  • Medium-sized ripe mango: 1
  • Sugar: 4 tsp
  • Salt: 3 pinches
  • Ginger paste: 2 pinches
  • Orange marmalade: 2 tsp
  • Paper cupcake moulds: 2

Grill the green mangoes in the oven, until the skin is completely burnt allover. You can also do this directly on a gas stove. Let the mangoes cool. Peel off the skin and press the mango to express the pulp.

raw and ripe mangoes in almost the same quantity

The amounts of raw and ripe mangoes are almost the same to create an unique balance of sweet and sour flavours.

Blend this pulp with the pulp of the ripe mango, ginger paste, sugar, salt and orange marmalade. Check the flavour (Caution: You might end up slurping up everything at this stage. The taste should be sweet-n-sour.)

Adding orange marmalade to the mango pulp

I have added orange marmalade and a pinch or two of ginger paste to boost the flavour.

Pour in paper cupcake moulds (yields two) or popsicle moulds (yields four). Deep-freeze for 2 hours.


Last but not the least, do try my “Fresh Mango-Berry-Yogurt Popsicles” as well! You’ll love it.

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