No-Masala Yogurt Chicken

No-masala yogurt chicken. Yummy! If you had always thought that Indian curry implies a lot of masala or spices, time to think again! You must be frowning: an Indian chicken curry, and that too, without any masala? I must be joking. But this is true. What I learnt in these few years ...Read More

Jaggery-Sweetened Rice Kheer

Jaggery-sweetened rice kheer There is a “magic” ingredient in making one of the finest and most popular Indian desserts—the rice kheer—and the ingredient is jaggery. The jaggery or gur is used in different ways in different states in India. Some use this in curries and dals (Indian lentil soups). More commonly, it ...Read More

Basic Indian Triangular Flatbread (Paratha)

Basic Indian triangular flatbread (paratha) As “pasta” is to the Italian and “noodles” is to the Chinese, the same way, paratha is to the Indians! If you are an Indian curry addict, then learning this basic triangular paratha is a must. If you are not a curry lover, which is less likely, ...Read More

My first set of Awards for Cosmopolitan Currymania!

I am elated to receive the first ever award for my blog. And hey, it is not actually an “award”, but a pack of “awards”! My blog is a new one, still in the process of making. I started posting on Cosmopolitan Currymania barely two months back. And now, this is something ...Read More

Salmon in Fiery Plum Curry

Salmon in Fiery Plum Curry The whole world is crazy after curry. So Cosmopolitan Currymania is speaking about curry again. And why not, with so many variations and ingredients, every Asian country boasts of its own unique style of making curry. India is a land of curries. It is prepared in so ...Read More

Enoki Mushroom-Egg Noodles and Shallow-Fried Vegetables with Chicken

I simply love Hong Kong. The weather now is just perfect—chilling winter is gone and the summer has arrived. You can see colourful flowers everywhere and people in smart summer clothes! This is the time to chill out at all those beautiful beaches like Shek-O and enjoy summer sunshine to its fullest. ...Read More

Tomato-Kissed Lamb Belly in Gravy

Tomato-kissed lamb belly in gravy While planning for the lunch today, I looked out of my living room’s window…it is a beautiful day, perfect to go out in the garden and enjoy the cool breeze! So I decided to spend some time outdoors with my daughter, after dropping my son to school. ...Read More

The very nostalgic India…

Yesterday, I just came back from a short trip to my motherland—the incredible India! A trip to India is always relaxing and full of homemade (desi) delicacies and exotic ingredients which I yearn for in Hong Kong. Someone rightly said, “One loves his country not because of its eminence or size, but ...Read More

Bengali Fish Broth with Drumsticks and Potatoes

This is one fish dish which I am sure you will relish in summers. This recipe is one of the authentic recipes from the state of West Bengal (India), which happens to be my place of origin. The Bengalis (people from West Bengal) are considered as the most avid fish eaters in ...Read More

Gravied Squid Rings with Aubergines and Carrots

Have you ever wondered, how does the same dish, cooked by two different people, taste so different? In India, we say, there is “magic” in the hands of the cook who cooks well. It is all about the right quantity of each ingredient added and the proper timing to add the same ...Read More