Restaurant Review: Café Delhi Heights, Lower Parel

Cafe Delhi Heights review in Lower Parel

Cafe Delhi Heights in Lower Parel has cosy seating arrangements and even a TV by your table!


Kamala Mills has always been a favourite spot for foodies. One relatively new spot is Café Delhi Heights, and a few weeks back I had the opportunity to review their menu. Café Delhi Heights boasts of a well-planned multicuisine menu, where you not only get typical Delhi food, but also sushis, burgers, pizzas and many more! I loved the restaurant because it is very homely and is perfect for family gatherings: that means you don’t need to worry if each one in your group or family has a different palate! It is a place where people of all ages can be at ease. Café Delhi Heights has an easy-going, relaxed vibe. Same reflects in the menu, which has something for everyone!

People behind CDH

With Chef Chetan Patole and Mrs. Usha Batra.


Mrs Usha Batra’s vision for a perfect family restaurant with multicuisine menu is taken forward well by her two sons: Sharad and Vikrant Batra. With multiple outlets in Delhi, the popular restaurant is now in Mumbai too! The interiors have different colourful elements and a variety of seating arrangements, suited for a small as well as a big group.


Cafe Delhi Heights review by Mumbai Blogger Purabi Naha

Comfortable seating arrangement and colourful interiors in Cafe Delhi Heights in Kamala Mills, Mumbai.


The elaborate menu has healthy breakfast and high tea options, starting from as simple and homely a dish like Savoury Poha to dishes like Miso Mixed Veggie Bowl. The savoury pancakes are particularly interesting! A special mention to the Chef’s tasting plate, which has various dishes like Herbed Hummus, Pani Puri, Masala Papad Pico di Galo, Jeera Fried Green Peas and Peanut Masala and Jeera Wonder Aloo. For Asian food aficionados, there is a whole list of dimsums, sushi and sashimi. The Tuna with Pomegranate Emulsion and Pineapples is already in my wishlist for my next visit. Apart from the regular menu, they have a “Chit Chat Menu” from 4 to 7 pm every day, where the veg dishes are priced at Rs. 299/- and non-veg at Rs. 399/- only.


Mocktails in Cafe Delhi Heights

Nimbu Anar Shikanji

The drink Nimbu Anar Shikanji was tangy and refreshing. It was quite a thirst-quencher on a hot summer day. It had a lovely colour which made the drink more appealing. I loved the drink so much that I didn’t miss not having cocktails or any hard drink that day.


A paan based drink at Cafe Delhi Heights in Mumbai

The mocktail called Paan Day.

A few dishes later, I was suggested the drink called Paan Day, which had a strong taste of desi Paan leaves. Although it was refreshing, it wasn’t quite appealing to my tastebuds as I am not a fan of Paan.


Shrimp appetizer in Cafe Delhi Heights

Crispy Rock Shrimps: my favourite!

My food tasting started with Crispy Rock Shrimps, which was outstanding. A simple dish of Tempura-batter-fried shrimps done right, this is a dish that will make any seafood-lover happy. The shrimps were firm and juicy, whereas the outer skin was slightly thick and “rock” crisp. Served with Sriracha Mayo, this is a dish that I would like to order every time I visit Café Delhi Heights in Mumbai.


Lebanese salad in mumbai

Cafe Delhi Heights serves a delicious Maftoul Salad.


The next dish called Maftoul Salad was just right for those who are health-conscious. This Lebanese country style salad was made with bell peppers, saffron couscous, white quinoa, iceberg lettuce and rocket leaves. Topped with fresh pomegranate dressing, feta cheese and raisins, this is a great salad to order. The dressing had slightly sweet and tangy flavours, and everything mixed together was right down my alley.


Thukpa in Mumbai

Himalayan Thupka at Cafe Delhi Heights.


The Himalayan Thupka with chicken was comforting enough. It was a whole-wheat-noodle soup with a Shiitake and Portabello mushroom broth. The mushrooms imparted an earthy, umami flavour to the Thupka. The soup was light and toned down in terms of spice level. It strikes the right chord when you are under the weather or just thinking to have something light and healthy. And otherwise too!


spicy dimsums in broth

Curried Dimsums.


At Café Delhi Heights in Kamala Mills, do try the Curried Dimsums. The chicken dumplings made with soya black bean sauce could be made spicier with the help of the chilli-based condiments that come with the dish.


Sushi platter in Cafe Delhi Heights

A small version of the jumbo sushi platter.


I tasted the Sushi Platter too. The California Rolls, Spicy Tuna and Salmon Avocado Sushi were fresh and yum!


Meat burger in Cafe Delhi Heights

Juicy Lucy Burger is a must-have in Cafe Delhi Heights.


Let me tell you that it is quite a sin to come to Café Delhi Heights and not try their famous Juicy Lucy Burger. The succulent lamb patty burger with molten cheese and jalapenos was big enough to finish it all on my own.


Chicken Tikka Masala in Cafe Delhi Heights in Kamala Mills, Mumbai

Mom’s Chicken Tikka Masala was a very comforting dish. Will order this again!


I absolutely loved the Mom’s Chicken Tikka Masala. Chicken tikka in slow cooked tomato gravy never tasted that good! It came with Laccha Paratha, Jalepeno biryani, Mint chutney and caper raita.


Cafe Delhi Heights owner

Mrs. Usha Batra also made her special Biryani for me which was different and yum!


Cafe Delhi heights food menu

Mom’s Butter Chicken Biryani.


Mom’s Buttered Chicken Biryani was smeared with mom’s love too, coming straight from the hands of Mrs. Usha Batra, who lovingly cooked a few dishes for me. While we relished these dishes together listening to Usha Ji’s food stories, I was completely submerged in the homely flavours of these dishes at Café Delhi Heights in Lower Parel.

Maggi with a different flavour in Mumbai CDH

The ISBT Makhni Maggi was something unique!


More food followed! The ISBT Makhni Maggi was very different and fun. Maggi cooked in a makhani gravy was something so appealing and cool! If you haven’t tried Maggi this way, do try this soon.


Rajasthani Laal Maas in Mumbai

The Rajasthani Laal Maas was tasty but could have been more spicy.


The Rajasthani Lal Maas was flavourful, but quite less in spice level. Chef Chetan said that they deliberately keep the spice level low so that everyone can enjoy it. The mutton chunks cooked in tomato and onion gravy were delicious, though. The gravy itself was quite addictive.


Deesert menu in Cafe Delhi Heights, Mumbai

Chocolate Mud Cake!


The dessert of the day was Chocolate Mud Cake. It was moist and yum, just perfect to end the day on a sweet note.



Café Delhi Heights in Mumbai is a homely restaurant with relaxed ambience. There are a huge number of dishes to choose from. It is quite an interesting place to spend time with your loved ones with good food by your side.


Address: Unit 2, C.S. 448, Ground Floor, Kamala Mills Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai.


Reservations: 022-49716414


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