Restaurant Review: Masala Bar at Carter Road, Bandra

Masala Bar

The cocktail in the spherical glass is called Bandstand Songkran and the one just next to it is Mumbai Matinee.


The best bars in Mumbai are not just about great drinks, after all. As members of the Food Bloggers Association of India or FBAI, we were recently invited to “The Big Bang Night” to review the luxe Masala Bar by the sea, which is another great addition to Mumbai’s Gastronomic map, by Mr. Zorawar Kalra.


bartender at Masala Bar Mumbai

At Masala Bar, try some Mulled Masala Punch tonight!


This upscale bar at Carter Road in Bandra has all the right elements for you to soak into a world of good times. Adjoining CCD at Carter Road, it provides a great view of the Arabian Sea and of the Carter Road itself. Just like its cousin Masala Library, it is spot-on in terms of quality, be it food or drinks. The food (especially finger food) which they serve here is just perfect with their mind-blowing drinks. The décor is minimalistic, but still, overall, the place has such a distinct character. The bar counter is the main attraction of the place, and it is done up well. The bartenders are competent, fast enough and friendly. It’s such fun to watch those innovative cocktails being made in front of your eyes, at the bar!


The vibe at Masala Bar is young and carefree and the atmosphere is a mixture of energy and tranquillity at the same time. Beautiful candles on the stairway make you feel that you are in a place which is away from the stress of Mumbai monotony, and at the same time, you feel so connected with the crowd in this cosy bar with thoughtful and minimal lighting. If you want to enjoy the calm seaside view, go around 5 pm. As it gets darker and the music turns louder, the cute Masala Bar by the Arabian Sea transforms itself to a foot-tapping party zone!


Malabar point cocktail at Masala Bar

The Malabar Point is one of the best cocktails here.


So what’s the Big Bang Night? Well, every Tuesday, there is a 1+1 offer here on selected cocktails and other drinks. We tasted a few cocktails at Masala Bar too! Each one tasted very different from the other in terms of taste and presentation. While the Mumbai Matinee had a prominent taste of grapefruit and Gin, the Vodka-based Malabar Point was a fun drink altogether. The presentation of Malabar Point was the best, and I really liked the topping of foam on a funnel-shaped glass. Among the mocktails, the Berry Cooler was mesmerising, with a blend of strawberries, cranberries and wild berries. It was topped with soda.


Bandstand Songkran at Masala Bar

Another great cocktail: the relaxing Bandstand Songkran is a stress-buster. This is a must-try at Masala Bar.


The Bandstand Songkran was simply a gorgeous drink, served in a spherical glass beaker. A marriage of Mumbai and Thai flavours come into this unique cocktail, and hence the name. With a mix of lemongrass, ginger, thyme and Vodka, this cocktail is here to rock the show!


Lamb starter at Masala Bar

The Lamb Barrah Khurchaan was yum! That little ggreen garnish worked wonders.


We tasted a few starters, among those served. The Lamb Barrah Khurchaan was a delight. Spicy and tender pulled lamb meat served on a Khari is a great bar food which goes well with any kind of drink here.


chilli starters

Chilli Poppers never tasted so good!

We loved the Baked Potatoes stuffed with beets and apples particularly because of the colour and the slightly sweet taste. However, we did miss the presence of a crunchy element here. But we absolutely have no complaints about the crispy Chilli Poppers oozing out with melted cheese!


Curry Leaf Infused Pepper Prawns.

We loved the Curry Leaf Infused Pepper Prawns with our drink.

For us, the best dish was the Curry Leaf Infused Pepper Prawns, and the colour of this tangy dish was enough to draw us closer to the dish. Gently smelling of curry leaves, the plump and juicy prawns tasted finger-licking good with the tamarind base.


The vegetarian sushi tasted good.

The vegetarian sushi tasted good.


Do try the Classic Sushi made with a stuffing of cheese, avocado and asparagus. The drizzle with mayonnaise and mustard paired well with the avocado inside. The menu at Masala Bar has great dishes to try out, and a few dishes and drinks from our wishlist include the Albondigas, the Carbon Pav Bhaji, the Mulled Masala Punch and the Bailey’s Lollipop. With innovative food and wonderful drinks to offer, Masala Bar is here to stay!


Baked potatoes.

If you love your veggies, give a try to these Baked Potatoes.


As the place is overbooked on the weekends, always make sure to reserve a table early.

Address: Masala Bar, Level 1, Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road, Bandra West

Timing: 5 PM- 1 PM (Open all days except Monday)

12.30 PM-1 PM (Sunday)

For reservations: 084519 00257

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