Restaurant Review: New French Menu at Artisan, Sofitel Mumbai

Recently, we had the opportunity to try out the new menu at Artisan, Sofitel Mumbai. The stylish French Bistro boasts of superbly crafted dishes that not only taste great but are well-presented, too! Here’s a French restaurant that serves food with great passion. I love the fact that there is a wow factor in each dish. The ingredients are fresh and the flavours are impeccable. If you want to experience European culinary sorcery, then experience the new menu at Artisan at Sofitel Mumbai.

In the new menu, there are many interesting dishes. In the all-day new breakfast menu, one might go for Parisian Eggs Benedict, Orange & Hazelnut French Toast or a perfect Muesli Parfait. The new a-la-carte menu has a variety of salads, freshly baked bread, house-smoked charcuterie & cheese, soups and tapas. The main course has enough options, ranging from a must-try Duck Confit, juicy Tenderloin Steak to opulent New Zealand Lamb Chops. It is difficult to resist your temptation when you have desserts like Classic Crème Brûlée, Mousse au Chocolat and other fine hand-crafted pastries in the menu. Apart from this, there is fine wine to pair with the exquisite dishes. Last year, the outlet launched its very own Wine Library called the Vinothéque that treasures more than 80 international and local labels.

Chevre and Grilled Pear Salad at Artisan, Sofitel Mumbai


From the new menu, try the Chevre and Grilled Pear Salad. It is a flavourful salad that will perk up your senses with fresh Mesclun (mixed salad leaves), caramelised walnuts, grapes, cherry tomatoes, Goat cheese, lemon vinaigrette and balsamic. The grilled pears are delicious.


Lamb Bolognese Lasagne.


The Lamb Bolognese Lasagne is a filling dish that will leave you happy and satisfied. The lasagne is layered with minced lamb, tomatoes and herbs. There is a generous molten cheese over the top, which makes the dish even more tempting.


Duck Confit.


In the main course, the Duck Confit with Sarladaise potatoes is a killer dish for sure. The duck is cooked perfectly, with absolutely succulent meat. The jus is packed with flavour, too!


Tenderloin Steak at Artisan in Sofitel Mumbai.


The Tenderloin Steak with mashed potatoes, sautéed greens and jus, is one of the best dishes to try out at Artisan. The meat comes perfectly cooked with a pink blush inside. The meat is not at all chewy, but meltingly soft and uber-flavourful. We are pretty impressed with the beguiling textures of this dish.


Classic Crème Brulee


Among the desserts, the Classic Crème Brulee is the one that they vouch for. This milk and egg pudding with a perfect caramelised crust will make every diner happy. What a way to celebrate the sweet tooth!


Mocha Dacquoise Cake


The Mocha Dacquoise Cake is served with vanilla bean ice cream. The cake is rich in the flavours of coffee and chocolate. The vanilla bean ice cream is a great addition. Together, it is a divine combination for sure.

Artisan at Sofitel Mumbai is class apart. The dishes are great and the portions are good enough. If European (French) food is on your mind, Artisan at Sofitel Mumbai is one of the best places to be!


Address: Sofitel Hotel, C 57, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Reservations:  022-61175115

Email for reservations:

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