Restaurant Review: The Crab & Wine Festival at Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu

Mahesh Lunch Home Juhu Crab and wine festival 2018 Review

Live crab at Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu.

Mahesh Lunch Home in Mumbai is synonymous to seafood since its inception in 1977. This iconic chain of restaurants has been serving lip-smacking seafood since many years now. Mahesh Lunch Home is hosting the Crab & Wine Festival, at their Juhu outlet, from 5th October to 31st October, 2018. This is the 17th Crab & Wine Festival organized by Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu Branch.

As we stood in front of the restaurant, we could see wonderful thematic decorations of giant crabs hanging on the gate and the walls! Upon entering the restaurant, too, cute crab decorations hang from everywhere.

Today, Mahesh Lunch Home is beyond just Mangalorean seafood delicacies. The separate menu for the festival is very impressive with a lot of options spreading across soups, starters and main course: all crab-based! Although there are a few dishes that have been repeated from the last year’s festival, there are many dishes that have been introduced this year in the crab menu.

Crab and wine festival review by Food Blogger Purabi Naha

The crab dishes at the festival come with a free glass of wine!


What impressed me more is that some the crab preparations are Pan-Indian, whereas others are from different parts of Asia. For example, from Indonesian cuisine, you can taste the Kitam Bungkus and the Steamed Crab Balinese Curry (Indonesian), or go for the Malaysian Crab Tuk. Love Thai? Then you must go for the Thai Crab in Light Soy Basil (Thai). They make a mean King Crab Alfredo (Continental style), too. The Desi crab preparations include Crab Coriander Candy Sticks, Coorg Ginger Crab, Tankai Crab, Manglorean Denji Curry, Crab Curry Vindhyas, Crab Vindaloo and Andhra Chilli Crab, among many others. The chef has created different dishes with the eight-legged beauties, and each is bursting with flavour! Apart from that, a free glass of wine with every crab dish is never an idea that anyone can refuse. What say?

Crab Tom Yum Soup.


My family was invited to review the festival. AN and I started our meal with Crab Tom Yum Soup. It was sour and spicy, with a kick of lemongrass. The Thai Basil added more aroma, whereas a few pieces of mushrooms added to the overall umami.


Crab Maryland Soup at Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu.


The Crab Maryland ordered by my kids was even spicier, but bang on. It had crabmeat in a flavourful soup that had generous amounts of black pepper, bamboo shoots and black mushrooms.


Salt and Pepper Crab.


Among the starters, the Salt &Pepper Crab was excellent. Simple flavours done right, this dish can never go wrong with a glass of Sol Kadi. The bell pepper in the dish helps to balance out the heat from crushed pepper.


Drinks in Mumbai

Sol Kadi.

The Kitam Bunkus was a one-of-its-kind wonder. Neatly packed parcels of boneless crabmeat oozing out of the banana leaves, in which the meat was flavoured with chillies and aromatic herbs, were too good to resist.


Kitam Bungkus.


In the Main Course, the Tender Coconut Crab Masala was great with Appam. It even goes quite well with Neer Dosa!


Tender Coconut Crab Masala.


We heard that the new Chef at the Juhu outlet of Mahesh Lunch Home is a Bengali. Curious, since we are Bengali foodies, we ordered the Crab Bengali Curry, which was quite close to what we make it at home. It was perfect with steamed rice.


Crab Bengali Curry.


We also had a Tender Coconut Payasam at the end. It was cooked in thickened milk and was a good dessert to conclude the crab dinner on a sweet note!


Tender Coconut Payasam.


Food aficionados who love seafood, do visit Mahesh Lunch Home in Juhu. This whole month, the Crab and Wine Festival is on for both lunch and dinner. My family enjoyed the dishes that we tried. It’s a unique festival that celebrates seafood at its best. Crab-lovers in Mumbai, this is the perfect place to fulfil your crab cravings. So, head on to the Juhu outlet to experience this seafood extravaganza!



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