Review: Canvas Lounge, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai

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Canvas Lounge, Palladium Mall, Mumbai

Canvas Lounge is not just about fabulous nightlife and clubbing experience in Mumbai, but recently, it got a makeover and added Sunday brunches to its repertoire. On the occasion of the organizer Balagan’s first anniversary party and the re-launch of the lounge, I was invited by the Food Blogger’s Association of India (FBAI). I am thankful to FBAI’s co-founder Mr. Sameer Malkani for inviting me for the Sunday brunch, along with two other Mumbai-based food-bloggers.

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Canvas Lounge has not only changed its décor, but also its management, menu and the chef. Frequented by a lot of expats, this is surely an elite clubbing paradise in Mumbai. And you will know this as soon as you enter the fourth floor of Palladium Mall in Lower Parel, Mumbai. On stepping into the lounge, I’m sure you will be mesmerized by the chic interiors and the spaciousness. Canvas Lounge has a vibe which has to be experienced. What’s more, there are two smoking zones in the lounge and the one which is downstairs is really roomy and gorgeous. There are two well-equipped bar areas too! Right now, there are Christmas and New Year decorations all around and people are just enjoying their time here. I would say, décor-wise, the newly renovated lounge left no stone unturned to please everyone. In tune with the party spirit, they have trendy hats, fun glasses and masks for everyone. The live performance cheered us all. 

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Time to taste the food and drinks. I ordered the Canvas Wonderwall, which is a tropical concoction of rum, grenadine, pineapple and orange juice. I loved it as it was light and refreshing. It was a perfect marriage of citrusy flavours with rum. I also tasted the Savage Garden Martini, which was also just great! The Mojito, however, was a bit sour for my tastebuds.

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Sameer Malkani, Co-Founder, FBAI.

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The starters arrived. I loved the Cheese Dumpling Salsa, which was a lovely combination of melt-in-the-mouth cheese with perfect salsa topping. Normally, for a non-vegetarian like me, it is rather difficult for a vegetarian starter to even reach my mouth, but this time, the presentation appealed me to taste it. And I didn’t mind taking two extra helpings later!

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Cheese dumpling salsa was delicious!


Next was the Asian-inspired Coriander Chicken skewers and the succulent Indian Chicken Kebab. These were cooked very well and I loved the juiciness and spiciness in these two chicken starters. Yum!


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Left: Falafel. Right: Chicken kebab.

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Chicken Satay and Paprika Mushrooms.


Then arrived the falafel stuffed in a pita wedge, served with hummus. As I tasted the bold and spicy kebab, falafel tasted a bit bland after that. I felt that they should have served falafel before the chicken starters. After this the serving staff served me Chicken Satay, but I expected skewered strips of chicken rather than big chunks in an authentic Asian satay. Surprisingly, mint chutney was served with it, instead of the Asian peanut sauce. Well, atleast I never prefer to eat a satay with mint chutney! The Paprika Mushroom was served next. The taste and presentation were good, but frankly, it could have been better.


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Herbs-Crusted Fish with Cous Cous and Olive-Caper Sauce


For the main course, the menu had five options to choose from: Pasta Mama Rosa, Porcini Risotto, Ratatouille Vol au Vents with Pesto Rice, Pollo Cacciatore with Pesto Rice and Herbs-Crusted Fish with Cous Cous and Olive-Caper Sauce. I enquired the serving staff about the contents in the third and the fourth dishes, but they couldn’t answer satisfactorily. With only five dishes in the main course, I expected them to be well-informed about the menu. Anyways, I ordered the last one and it was just average, although the quantity served was sufficient. The ratatouille was very interesting, as it was served on a bed of pesto rice.


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Ratatouille Vol au Vents with Pesto Rice


We had a hearty time, with a variety of food and soul-satisfying drinks. The starters were much better than the main course. The ambience was great, but the food needs more seriousness to it. All in all, this is a great place to go if you are on for a lovely drink and have party in your mind!


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Another dish: chicken curry, served on a bed of steamed rice.

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A zucchini starter.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to all my readers. 🙂



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