Stove-Grilled Tomato Chutney


Stove-grilled tomato chutney from Bihar, India
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India has a huge number and variations of chutneys. These range from sweet, sour, sweet­-­n-sour to fiery! If you missed my earlier article on Authentic Indian Chutneys, please click here.


The tomato chutney itself is cooked differently in different parts of India. In some parts, such as the West Bengal and the South, ginger is surely added. In Bihar, raw onion and garlic make awesome tomato chutney, in which the tomato is pan-seared or grilled first. So this chutney is also a kind of “bhartha” dish (similar in preparation as the popular baingan-ka-bhartha or aubergine bhartha). The grilling of the tomato is usually done directly on a gas stove over a medium-low flame, rotating the tomato from time to time, so that the skin gets burnt evenly and underneath a juicy, tender tomato awaits the appreciation by your taste buds!

I have learnt through these years that the most reliable way to learning an authentic dish is to learn it from someone who follows that cuisine, rather than following cookbooks for the same. For example, I learnt this Bihar-style chutney recipe from my friend Ritu who stays in Mumbai, but is actually from Bihar. I am so thankful to her for sharing the authentic recipe for this great dish!

This tomato chutney is slightly sour in nature and has a pungent note owing to the addition of raw onions and garlic to it. The chutney is best enjoyed with lots of chillies going into it. It makes a great appetizer, ideal when you are suffering from cold and your tastebuds are craving for something piquant! This chutney is a great kick for the autumn food menu and as you can see, is absolutely fat-free.

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Stove-grilled tomato chutney

Stove-grilled tomato chutney

  • Tomato (big-sized): 1
  • Onion (finely chopped): 1 tsp
  • Garlic (finely chopped): 1 tsp
  • Green/red chillies (chopped): 2
  • Dry red chilli (dry-roasted and powdered): 1
  • Salt: ¼ tsp
Method of preparation:



Grill the tomato on the gas stove, till the skin is scorched almost uniformly. A medium-low flame is preferable for this.
Once the tomato reaches room temperature, remove and discard the skin completely.


The perfectly stove-grilled tomato!

The tomato can now be mashed with the addition of all other ingredients, except the roasted dry red chilli powder.


This is added just before serving and mixed well with the chutney.
This chutney can be had with steamed rice, poori or chapatti.