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Shondesh (Sandesh): Festive Indian Recipe #3

[The recipe makes atleast 30 shondesh. My shondesh recipe uses generous amounts of khoya. This shondesh variety is also called kheerer shondesh and it has an additional creamy, rich taste. These shondesh will not dry out even if you refrigerate them. These have just the right moisture and firmness needed for that perfect heavenly bite of shondesh each time!]
Servings: 30


  • Full-cream milk for chenna: 1.5 litres
  • Full-cream milk for khoya: 2 litres
  • Sugar to be added while making khoya: 1 cup
  • Refined flour: 1/2 cup
  • Sugar powder to be added at the end, when we cook the kneaded dough: 5 tbsp
  • Lemon juice: 4 tbsp mixed with equal amount of water


  • Make the chenna and the sweetened khoya, as explained. Cook the khoya until it is totally dry. Hang the chenna for four hours, as explained just now.
  • Knead the chenna, flour and khoya together. Make small batches of the mixture and flatten with the help of bare hands, until homogeneous and less brittle. The kneading takes atleast 20 min.
  • Once the kneading is done, transfer the mixture to a non-stick pan. Switch on the gas and simmer the flame. Add the powdered sugar. Stir the mixture continuously for 15 min, ensuring that the mixture is stirred continuously. The dough, after cooking, should be almost completely dry. Switch off the gas.
  • Leave the mixture to cool slightly but not completely. It should be warm. Make balls out of the dough and flatten over the shondesh moulds. Press down for some time and remove carefully. Shondesh is still brittle at this stage, but once cooled, it will become less brittle and harder. These shondesh can be refrigerated for 15 days.