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My Signature Nolen Gurer Shondesh Ice Cream: the Best Bengali Ice Cream Made in my Kitchen


  • Nolen gur Date palm jaggery: 1/2 kg
  • Nestle Milkmaid condensed milk tins 400 g each: 1.5
  • Freshly made Nolen Gurer shondesh available in any Bengali sweet shop: ½ kg
  • Amul fresh cream: 800 ml – 1 l see Notes
  • Cornflour: 1.5 tbsp
  • Water: 3 tbsp
  • Jhola gur Liquid jaggery for drizzling


  • All the utensils used in this dish should be free from any water droplet. In a deep bowl, crush the shondesh with the help of your hand. Add the condensed milk. Keep aside.
  • In a non-stick pan, melt the Nolen gur (broken into small pieces) with 3 tbsp water on a very slow fire. Take utmost care to ensure that the jaggery doesn’t burn or comes to a boil. We only need to melt the gur (jaggery) by stirring it constantly over low heat. After the gur is melted and you get a uniform liquid, slowly add the hot liquid to the bowl having the crushed shondesh in liquid.
  • Blitz this dense liquid with an electric hand blender. Keep away about 1/2 litre of this liquid (you can make a separate batch of ice cream later). We will use the rest of the liquid for this recipe.
  • Whip 800 ml cream with the cornflour, until the peaks don’t settle (whipped cream consistency). Add the Jaggery mixture in batches and blend just enough so that it is well-incorporated. Do not overblend.
  • Take a completely dry (not even a drop of water) lock-n-lock tiffin box. Pour the ice cream mixture. Refrigerate until set (see Notes).
  • While serving, drizzle the Jhola Gur generously on each scoop. This ice cream melts fast.


[This is an ice cream flavour that will drive you crazy with its flavour and aroma. It’s a celebration of jaggery in different forms. Although this ice cream is ice-crystal-free and doesn’t need an ice cream maker, it takes a little extra time to set. Once, it took almost 1.5 days. On other occasions, it took only 24 hours of undisturbed freezing. Sometimes, the ice cream refuses to set even after 1.5 days. In such cases, whip 200 ml fresh cream and remix with the ice cream mixture. It will then set in 24 hours. This ice cream is quite a gourmet, and is totally worth the hard work!]